Frequently asked questions

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What are the contest dates?

The submission and voting period will be September 13, 2016 - October 9 2016.

What are the contest rules?

The official rules can be found here


Who can enter?

Any for-profit U.S. business with an estimated annual revenue under $20M can submit and entry to win The BRASSYs. Refer to the official contest rules for full eligibility requirements

Who can vote for a business entered into The BRASSYs?

Anyone ages 18+ in the US is allowed to vote. Businesses can self-vote as well. Refer to official contest rules for full eligibility requirements.

How to enter

How do I enter my business?

Please create a business profile here by submitting some information, some images that represent your business.

How will I know if my business profile has been created?

After submitting, your personal business profile page will load on the Thank you page. Your profile will also be publicly displayed on the Entrants page. Make sure you grab that personal business profile URL and share it with your friends and family to get them to vote for your business. Note Square will also be monitoring and reviewing each posted submission to ensure validity and appropriateness of content. See official rules for details .

How to vote

How can I vote for a business entered into the BRASSYs?

Select your desired business in the Entrants gallery, then select Vote on the respective business profile page. Fill out the required information, and submit your vote!

Selecting Winners

How many winners will there be?

There will be two tiers: 35 Finalists, and then 5 Winners picked from the finalist group.

How will finalists and winners be selected?

After the submission and voting period ends, a panel of Square judges will select 35 Finalists. All entries will be judged on: Mission (18.75%), Innovation (18.75%), Community (18.75%), Customer Delight (18.75%), and Public Vote (25%).

Other elements will be factored as extra credit:

  • Clear, compelling, and engaging responses and photos
  • Social presence
  • Sustainability/Environmentally friendly
  • How well the business aligns with Square

Our panel of noted entrepreneurs will vote on the top 5 winners from the finalist group based on: Mission (25%), Innovation (25%), Community (25%), and Customer delight (25%).

Refer to official contest rules for full description of winner selection process and judging criteria.

When will winners be announced?

35 Finalists will be announced on or around October 24, 2016. The 5 winners will be announced in mid-November.

How will finalists and winners be notified?

By email

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